Benelux 2020

Beste leden, 

in bijlage de uitnodiging voor het Benelux Kampioenschap op 20.09.2020. 
LET OP!!!: Uiterste inschrijfdatum is 
Richtlijnen en extra informatie mbt Covid onderaan deze email + in de uitnodiging. 

Dear members,

in this email you will find the invitation for the Benelux Championships 20.09.2020. 
Look out!!!: Inscriptions end on 

Extra guidelines and information to Covid in this email + at the invitation. 


The competition will take part in different shifts (Probably 3 or 4)We can only have 40 dancers & 40 spectators by each shift. Thats why we need all inscription at least at 01.09.2020!!!!

Every participating dancer can only bring 1 person extra to the competition.Example: If a club had 14 dancers. They can have 14 visitors (including trainers). The visitors have to pay € 5 / shift they want to see.  

Face masks are mandatory for all visitors on the competition! Dancers must wear face masks too. Only NOT when they are in a warming up or have to dance on the competition! 

After every shift. All people (except for officials), have to leave the competition hall to go in again (for example when they dance different categories).  Dancers only have to pay 1 time.

If you have any COVID Symptoms, you stay at home! 

We hope to see you all on the 20th of september!
Keep safe and enjoy the rest of the vacation.