Season 2022

Dear members & dancers,

First of all i would like to congratulate all dancers and clubs for the nice Championship we had last Saturday!
It was a really good competition that gives us hope for the next Rock & Roll and Boogie Woogie years! 
We are already starting with a new calendar for the season 2022.
The date for the first competition is known to be the 19th of February 2022 and will take place in organisation of Rock & Roll Extreme.
We would like to receive an email back from all clubs if they possibly want to organise a competition or not. 
So also if you are NOT organising in 2022 please send an email back so we know this. 

Kenny Philippaars / President BRBF – FBRB

Invitation 23th of October

Dear members & dancers,
in this email you will find the invitation for the ‘Benelux Championships’ on 23 october 2021.  
We are looking forward to see you all on the first Championships of this year! 
Reminder:- The license fee each club has to pay for the season is €50;- The license fee per dancer for the season remains € 10 per person;- Payments have to be made on the account of the BRBF: BE79 0011 3866 6933IMPORTANT: All new participants must bring a copy of their passport/identity card at the competition for their first registration. 

Kenny Philippaars / Stardancers 

Competition 10th of October

You can find the invitation to the next competition here:éselection-10-octobre-2021.pdf

Quoi | Was | Wat

Présélection pour le championnat de Belgique | Vorauswahl für die belgische Meisterschaft | Préselectie van het Belgisch Kampioenschap

Où | Wo | Waar

Bulle de Gérardchamps Quai de la Vesdre 20 4800 Verviers

Quand | Wann | Wanneer

Dimanche 10 octobre 2021 |Sonntag, den 10. Oktober 2021 | Zondag 10 oktober 2021

Inscription jsq. | Einschreibung bis | Inschrijven tot

01/10/2021 via courriel : Ouverture portes | Türen offen | Deuren open

12:00 heures | Uhr | uur

Début compétition | Beginn Turnier | Aanvang Wedstrijd

13 :30 heures | Uhr | uur

Official Belgian WRRC judge!


Gisteren is Arpad geslaagd voor het jurylid seminar en het examen van de WRRC.  Na drie zware dagen hebben slechts 4 van de 15 kandidaten de examens met succes afgerond.  En hij was een van hen !!

 Dit betekent dat België sinds lange tijd zijn eerste officiële WRRC Rock and Roll judge  heeft !!!👌

Proficiat! 🎉


Yesterday Arpad passed the WRRC’s judging seminar and examination. After a tough three days only 4 out of 15 candidates have completed the exams successfully. And he was one of them!! 

This means Belgium has its first official WRRC Rock and Roll judge in a long time!!! 👌