Dear members,

in this email you will find the invitation of the Belgian Championships. 

The date of the Championships in changed to the 2nd of december 2023! 

This because some couples had an issue with the date being on the samen date as the World Championships. 

Due to this problem we had a meeting with our officials of the BRBF-FBRB and changed the date to the 2nd of december. 

We chose this date because of several reasons. 
As said before 25/11 is a problem for some dancers who want to be present on the World Championships. 
On 09/12 is also a World Cup by WRRC where some dancers would like to participate. 
16/12 is no option for most of the dancers due to exams. 

We hope to see you all on the 2nd of december to have a great ending of our season! 


Kenny Philippaars

President BRBF-FBRB 

Invitation: here