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New season of competitions: 8th of October!

You can find the invitation here: Invitation

Wij hebben het genoegen u uit te nodigen op de préselectie van het Belgisch Kampioenschap Rock ’n Roll, Boogie Woogie, teams, formaties en Open Showdance.

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à notre présélection pour le championnat de Belgique, du Rock ’n Roll, Boogie Woogie, teams, formations et Open Showdance.

Zu unserer Freude möchten wir Sie einladen zu unsere Preselection für das Belgische Meisterschaft Rock ‘n’ Roll, Boogie Woogie, Teams,Formationen und Open Showdance’

OC De Vrede

Lichtaartseweg 131 2250 Olen

Wouters Wim gsm: +32 486 / 69 51 53 Excell BRBF-FBRB

14.00 u (deuren open om 12.30u)

5,00 euro/ danser, danseur, tanzer 5,00 euro/ toeschouwer, spectateur, zuschauer

Wedstrijdmuziek doorsturen naar voor 2/10/23 (enkel MP3 files)

Dear members, dancers, coaches and friends!

Last weekend, we had our yearly Benelux Championships hosted by the Stardancers in Diepenbeek!

Thank you all for you support and enthusiasm in the audience! Hope to see you next year again in 2024 with even more participants!

Here are the results of this amazing competition: Results

We have also updated the Ranking! Who is gonna be the new Ranking champion in your category?

For some nice pictures of this event, please visit our Facebook Page! And do not forget to like us there!

Have a “Rock and roll” summer break,

See you in the fall, on the next competition on the 23rd of September!



Dear dancers & coaches,

Here you can find the invitation for the Benelux Championships on the 20th of May. 

We hope to see all dancers there. 
It would be great to have a good and big competition on this day!

Please find the invitation here: Invitation


Kenny Philippaars / President BRBF 

Calendar 2023

Dear members,

you will find the calender for the season 2023 here: Calendar
We hope to see you on our competition.

The Belgian Championships we are still waiting for confirmation.
But it will take place in November 2023. 

We will let you know asap!